#KasiasAdventCalendar Day 5 Sticks & Twings

Day 5 Sticks and Twigs

Today's prompt has to do with the items that we picked up on our walk yesterday. If you didn't manage to get out thought, below the video, I am giving you a tip as for what you could do instead.Have a proper search through your kitchen utensil drawer (or bathroom cabinet) and find some items that you could use for mark making. 

Day 5 I used toothpics and walnut ink for stripes. I took the feelings for main point. Should be happy and pleasure in December. If not?

Mörkö (Swedish: Mårran) is a character in the Moomin world created by Tove Jansson. Mörkö is a chillingly cold creature that freezes everything he touches. Mörkö is female; this is evident, for example, from the fact that it is referred to in Swedish as the feminine third person pronoun hon. In the Moomin Valley story animation series, Mörö's Finnish voice is Tapio Hämäläinen [1] dubbed by the Finnish Broadcasting Company and Markus Bäckman [2] MTV dubbed, which may make you mistaken for a man. Earlier Moomin books portray Mörkö as a dangerous monster, but in later works he is rather portrayed as a tragic figure suffering from loneliness.

According to popular opinion and research, Mörkö is one of the television characters most intimidated by Finnish children. [3] [4] [5] [6]


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